Updated profile picture, used for the Unreality Project.

Welcome to the site, this should hopefully be the last redesign..

I’ve used this site every now and then, but i’ve never used it to the fullest potential, let me change that!

Here you can find my current projects and what i’ve currently put out.

I’m a experimental/electronic musician who’s been at it for almost 5 years and at the same time making it playable on Clone Hero (a Guitar Hero fangame) for almost every track i’ve made.

It’s been a wild, crazy ride so far and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon, so come along with my insanity.

 You can find me with @thingerthing on most socials.

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Trying to find all of my songs in one place?

finished or on-going public projects.

The Unreality Project (Pt. I)

This is the latest project that’s in the works, it’s a semi-ARG with Clone Hero and original music by me as the medium to view the story.

If you’re just here for the music however, you can buy a physical CD of the first part, that also comes with some bonus songs as well, here on my Kunaki.

The Thingerthing Restoration Project

An ongoing never-ending joyseeking thrilling adventure where I go back to old, forgotten, and decrepit songs from my past and give them new life with brand new remasters, remakes, or whole re-imaginings!





Strummerpack 4

The present for the fans is here! Strummerpack 4, the strum-tech oriented setlist for all skill levels is here! While the songlist isn’t as big as other big name packs, we have 60 (technically) strumpacked songs of goodness!